Online conference with group dialogues

Conference for union representatives from all regions and municipalities in Denmark:
What are the lessons learned during the Corona-period?

Every year, union representatives from the top committees in the Danish municipalities and regions gather for a conference.

It has been a longstanding tradition to host a highly participatory conference so that the committees in the individual municipalities have ample opportunity to digest and discuss the key messages and adapt them to their local conditions and circumstances – and even start translating them into concrete initiatives.

Due to corona, the conference in 2020 was of course held online. But how were the 400 participants now going to work together during the conference, as they usually do?

Digital participant involvement

We managed to create the same group dynamics by using a Stickity board: An online collaboration board with different tasks that each committee had to solve together.

All groups were automatically sent directly from the plenary room to their own video meeting room and their own Stickity board. On the board, everyone in the group could write and move around

– just as if the board and the materials had been on a table in front of them.

Do you also want to host an online conference with participant involvement?

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