Collaboration boards for online meetings

Modern work life is full of meetings. This is where we share knowledge, coordinate, create common ground, negotiate, innovate - and much more. But meetings can also be resultless, irrelevant, without purpose, boring, filled with big egos and one-way communication. Meet Stickity. Stickity puts the very best into meetings!

Stickity is a collection of collaboration boards, creating focus, presence, dialogue - and tangible results to take you one step further.

All our boards are designed to facilitate a precise and constructive process, that empowers the participants to take responsibility for a well-run meeting with clear results.

Everyone can do everything

All participants have access to the shared collaboration board, and everyone can move, write, choose and click as they please.

Participants communicate through your preferred meeting platform (for example MS Teams, Zoom or Webex)


All our collaboration boards guide the participants through a very specific process.

The boards are self-explanatory and intuitive – and the groups can easily facilitate the process themselves. This is handy if you have several groups in breakouts at the same time, or if you just want to take a step back as a facilitator.

This increases ownership of the process as well as the result.

Also for large meetings

For large meetings, you can split the participants into smaller groups, each with their own Stickity board.

For example, Stickity has been used in an online conference for 300 participants, where they were divided into 60 breakout rooms to discuss and complete their board in 20 minutes.

Stickity is for those meetings...

  • that dig deeper and fly higher: Quarterly, semi-annual or annual meetings.
  • where you want to create alignment, develop strategies, share knowledge, innovate, plan and prioritize.
  • that strike a good balance between letting everybody have a say and also reach a clear result in a limited amount of time.

Stickity helps meeting facilitators by...

  • keeping the participants’ attention
  • maintaining focus on the meeting purpose
  • inciting participants to take ownership
  • making results and decisions clear.

Stickity is also for physical meetings!

When you are meeting face to face, well-designed participatory processes are equally important.

We deliver tailor-made materials for both small and larger meetings. And for all kinds of meeting purposes.

Have a look at this case where a global sales meeting for 30 participants used five different Sticikity boards for their two-day meeting. The focus was on reaching consensus across global differences - and increase sales.

Do you have an important meeting coming up - and want a smashing proces design?

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