Nicoline Jacoby Hansen holds a Master’s in Communication Studies from Roskilde University and a PhD from the Department of Education at Aarhus University. The central axis in her research has been knowledge management and learning at meetings and in organisations. As a consultant Nicoline has combined her academic credentials with tons of no-nonsense hard work to get both Danish and international conferences up and running. Nicoline has amongst others worked for the Executive Centre of Copenhagen Business School and as a freelance journalist. In 2010 she founded PLUS Agency with the ambition of creating meeting experiences with increased participant outcome.
Charlotte Vernegren Christensen is the most impressive event organiser in Denmark. With her charming iron fist in a velvet glove, Charlotte controls every single detail from start to finish. Charlotte has taken responsibility for all kinds of events: from large conferences, product launches and festivals for Danish and international topbrands to exclusive private parties. Charlotte has worked for the Disney group, has been Head of Conferences for the City of Copenhagen, and has had her fingers in the pies of most of Denmark’s most prestigious event bureaus. Charlotte is the woman we send up the mast to look for the very best venue solutions, thus guaranteeing that every flagship sails safely into port.
Philip Volmer Hansen is our technical and logistical expert. He is a bit of an octopus with a talent for every finger: From the age of 10 he has been fiddling with computers and has always found it more fun to configure than to play – by now, he has masses of experience in creating all kinds of big and small IT – and other technical – solutions. In addition to being our indispensable IT crutch, Philip is a logistical God and has organised and planned the logistics of several mega-events. He also competes in rallies with his customised QT 500 Dakar and has won several impressive prizes: most recently 1st place in the 2015 Intercontinental Rally in Africa.