PhD thesis and publications

Our approach to participant engagement at conferences and other large meetings is based on Nicoline Jacoby Hansen’s PhD thesis from 2010. You can download the full thesis here:

Featured Publications:

  • Hansen, Nicoline Jacoby (2008): “Conferences as a Dramatic Learning Space: The Case of the ECCI X Conference.” Paper presented at: Art of Management and Organization Conference, The Banff Centre, Canada, September 9-12, 2008.

  • Petersen, Nicoline Jacoby & Sille Østergaard (2005): “Organizational Photography: A “Snapshot” Approach to Understanding Knowledge Sharing”. In: Challenges and Issues in Knowledge Management, Anthony F. Buono & Flemming Poulfelt (eds.). Greenwich: Information Age Publishing, pp. 229-248.

  • Petersen, Nicoline Jacoby & Flemming Poulfelt (2002): “Knowledge Management in Action – a Study of Knowledge Management in Management Consultancies”. In: Developing Knowledge and Value in Management Consulting, Anthony F. Buono (eds.). Greenwich: Information Age Publishing, pp. 33-60.

Please note: If you would like to share any of the materials used here with others (which would, by the way, be great!), please provide a link to this page. We kindly ask you not to distribute the material to others or post the files on other websites. Thank you!

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