Quality and cutting red tape

Assignment for the Danish Regions, The Danish Association of Local Government Employees’ Organisations (KTO), The Danish Health Confederation, The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne) and FOA:
Anthropological study and conference on de-bureaucratization in the health care sector

So what does de-bureaucratization really mean?

We asked several regional staff and selected experts to answer the following question, in a video clip: What does de-bureaucratization mean to you? The best clips were made into a short movie, that was shown first thing when the conference kicked off.

A great way to create a hook, spark reflection and start the discussions on the conference topic.

Less bureaucracy - more quality

More than 300 politicians, hospital directors, workers’ and employers’ organization representatives as well as regional council presidents met to deliberate over how to make regional workplaces less bureaucratic. How simple does it get?

Professional interaction and collective reflectioneflection

Minister of Health Nick Hækkerup opened the conference and set the stage for the first debate of the day on local challenges in cutting red tape.

The debate was based on an analysis of 31 cases that PLUS Agency had prepared in advance.

The debate was based on an analysis of 31 cases that PLUS Agency had prepared in advance.

Throughout the day, conference participants had the chance to interact with each other in several ways: in small groups and through direct questions to speakers, politicians, etc.

Participants could also comment and vote on the various dilemmas and questions of the day via SMS, web or Twitter. Comments and votes were broadcast live on the big screen behind the stage for everyone to see.

The conference’s many forms of interaction and communication made the day versatile and increased speaking time, collective reflection and the ability to find simplified solutions together.

Would you also like a conference program full of variation?

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