Nordic networking seminar

Meeting for the Nordic University Administration Network:
Developing common core values and future activities

Developing university administrations

Developing university administrations
The Nordic Association of University Administrators (NUAS) is a network organization for administrative employees at universities in the Nordic region who share experience about everything from university communication to internationalisation and building maintenance.

PLUS Agency planned a two-day network seminar and facilitated the entire programme in Swedish.

Where do we plan to go in the future?

First, the participants were given the opportunity to provide input for a new vision for NUAS and share their opinions on what NUAS is and can do – and what it cannot do.

Together, the participants wrote a new vision and mission for NUAS. Then the participants had the opportunity to explore how the network could be developed in the future.

New ideas for networking meetings

PLUS Agency also delivered a presentation about how to think about the network seminars in a new way, so that the network remains strong and active.

Of course, emotions ran high when it was time for the quick fire quiz, prepared by PLUS Agency, which included questions about Nordic culture, geography, language, politics and the history of the region’s universities.

Do you need inspiration for your next seminar?

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