Sharing knowledge in a global team

Global Distributor Meetup:
30 participants during two days

A conversation starter

A global team of sales managers met up for two days to advance the company’s business goals.

The purpose was also to create alignment and team spirit and share knowledge across teams.

Since the participants are from different parts of the world, the cultural differences are significant – and not everyone is used to speak their mind. A conversation starter and enabler was needed…

The solution was five different Stickity activities

Concrete and effective processes

The five Stickity activities each lasted between 20-50 minutes, and were mixed into the program between the presentations

Stickity is always designed for the groups to facilitate themselves: Clear and simple tasks -> Structured process –> Tangible results.

When everyone is responsible for the process (and the materials support the process), the ownership of the end result increases significantly.

Stickity for online meetings

In the global sales meeting, the Stickity activities were physical: Printed boards, cards and markers. The participants were divided into smaller groups and worked both around a table, on the floor and by the wall.

Stickity also exists for online meetings. Use the meeting platform of your choice and send the participants into breakouts with a digital Stickity collaboration board.

The result: Full participant involvement, a clear task within a limited time frame, and a concrete output from each group. .

Interested in Stickity for your upcoming meeting - be it face-to-face or online ?

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