Caught during lunch

Internal information campaign in the canteen with play and learning.

Go fish - with an element of competition

How can you convince employees to spend five minutes out of their lunch or coffee break to learn more about a new internal project? Completely voluntary?

A large Danish company asked PLUS Agency to create a special kick-off event to create awareness about a new internal project. But they also wanted to take it a step further than awareness and communicate why the project was relevant, in a gamified way.

Caught in the lunch break

The name of the project gave associations to fishing. So we built a fishpond in the canteen where the employees had to catch a fish.

When they had caught the fish, they went to a box with the same color as the fish they had caught. In the box they had to solve a task in 2-3 minutes.

The tasks gave the employees an insight into some of the project’s initiatives in a fun way: What are the objectives of the project? What role do the employees have in the project? How would the project improve their contact with customers?

Combination of play and learning

The tasks included a puzzle, a survey, a memory game, a brainteaser and a listening exercise.

Some of the tasks were digital using small programs developed and programmed by PLUS Agency, while other tasks were more tactile.

Once they’d completed the task, the employee got a chance to win a dinner at Restaurant Fishmarket, a trip to the National Aquarium Denmark for the whole family or a smoked salmon.

Engagement during the entire event

PLUS Agency developed the visual identity and the entire scenography for the event so that it was in line with the customer’s visual identity – with an additional (fishy) twist!

The fishpond was open for three days and staffed by the employees who participated in the development of the project. This allowed them to act as ambassadors and at the same time encourage their colleagues to talk about the project.

The more tasks you solved, the more chances there were of winning a prize. This ensured that interest and relevance was maintained throughout the event.

The winners were announced at a live-streaming event on the intranet the following week.

The kick-off event was a huge success: Close to all employees visited the fishpond and got a deeper understanding of the project – with a lot of employees coming back several times.

5 reasons why the kick-off event was a great success

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