Social Food and 'hygge'

Opening of the food festival Copenhagen Cooking: Celebrity chefs and longtable dinners

The social function of a good meal

With approximately 100,000 visitors, Copenhagen Cooking is the largest food festival in the Nordic region, and it takes place in August each year.

‘Social Food’ was the theme on the Copenhagen Cooking menu in 2013. The program’s signature photo was a remake of P.S. Krøyer’s painting ‘Hip Hip hurra’ that illustrates the social function of a good meal.

Program presentation on film

PLUS Agency produced a film, that presented the festival program in a lively manner, and was used in different versions for SoMe.

We also produced a film to kick off the opening where the speakers and key stakeholders answered the question: What does social food mean to you?

They recorded their answers on their mobiles and we edited the different soundbites together. A simple and effective way to introduce the central theme of an event.

Talks and chopping on stage

The festival’s opening was held in the Royal Library’s Black Diamond building, with screenwriter and TV chef Adam Price as the moderator of a lively food debate.

The panel consisted of the three top chefs Alex Atala from Brasil, Kamal Mouzawak from Lebanon and Christian Puglisi from Denmark, who chopped up vegetables for a soup while discussing.

Amingst others they talked about Social Food and how preparing a meal and sitting around a table together and sharing a meal can bring people together like nothing else – and even have an impact on the coherence in local communities.

Please pass me the cheese ... and your business card

After talking about social dining, the guests practiced social dining. The Atrium was filled with lavishly decorated long dining tables, designed to encourage the diners to ‘get to know each other’.

Restaurant Søren K. prepared the food, and the table setup was organized in way that everyone HAD to talk to their new acquaintance seated next to them whenever they to had to distribute plates, pour wine and send dishes round.

It created an informal and happy atmosphere, and business cards were merrily exchanged – and made to very difficult for people to break up and leave

We set the framework for the good atmosphere!

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