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Talking about speed bumps in Häkkinen’s old tour bus

Conference for the Danish Road Directorate, local municipalities and the police:
Sharing experiences across sectors

Knowledge sharing in the fifth gear

Every year, the Danish Road Directorate invites municipality and police road safety employees to a conference that focuses on new knowledge, collaboration and shared experience in the area of road safety.

PLUS Agency was asked to design a conference with full speed ahead on knowledge sharing and participant involvement.

We took our Fairgroundconcept where the participants explored different activities in smaller groups, and designed a range of activities packed with traffic safety themes – and action.

Traffic safety at Jyllands-Ringen

We suggested that the whole conference take place at Jyllands-Ringen, a Danish circuit. It provided excellent opportunities to include the racetrack, the training track course and other exciting areas where the authentic surroundings provided some fantastic ‘scenery’, e.g. a motorcycle garage, a car repair shop – and former Formula 1 driver Mika Häkkinen’s old tour bus!

The groups decided how long they would spend on the various tasks. Our IT system, developed to this end, has an algorithm that keeps track of the tasks available and ensures variation in the group experience.

Hence, all groups spent time both indoors and outdoors, solved dialogue-based and visual tasks, and were involved in physically active as well as stationary activities.

We researched all the material from the Danish Road Directorate

We developed 15 different activities in collaboration with the organising committee. We reviewed leaflets, surveys, reports, statistics, web pages and presentations in order to bring the existing material to life in a new way – including material that had been quietly forgotten as well as brand new resources.

For example, the activities consisted of:

– An ‘auto cards’ game displaying a variety of road safety initiatives, their impact on the number of accidents and costs, etc. The groups played a game of ‘auto cards’ and then discussed the advantages and disadvantages of investing in various road safety initiatives.
– Six electric bicycles and bicycle helmets were available to the participants while cycling at high and low speeds through twists and turns – followed by a discussion on the accessibility of cycle paths in the future.
– At the motorsport track, the participants found out at first hand how speed and braking distances are connected.
– In a self-assessment exercise, participants had to score how well their municipality or police district handles the operation and maintenance of bicycle areas. After that, the participants could discuss how it’s handled around the country and exchange ideas and inspiration.

Clear instructions

Tasks (and we avoid hiring a load of people to stand by each post to explain what to do).

For all tasks, there are always different materials and gizmos that help shape the dialogue and keep it on track so that it doesn’t end in pointless chitchat.

Want to know about how the Faiground concept can be the backbone of your next conference?

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