Mission Possible

A collaborative online game for the entire organization. Mission Possible is a great interactive element that supports your key messages at large online meetings like kick-offs, staff days and town hall meetings.

30 - 3.000 participants

Participants are divided into groups of 4-7 people.

Groups compete against each other to solve a series of missions.

The game lasts 2 hours.

Our platform is fully scalable to handle up to 3.000 participants.

play and learning

The missions are tailored to support your meeting goals and key messaging.

Missions require everything from⁣ ⁣logical thinking, creative problem solving, and escape room-like puzzles, to factual knowledge and professional assessments.

100% online

Mission Possible is web-based and 100% online.

The game works independently of video meeting platforms.

We execute the game and make sure that all the technical stuff runs smoothly.

When and why to use Mission Possible

Employee engagement

When you want to fire up the employees and strengthen their sense of belonging.

Mission Possible boosts motivation and “togetherness”

Mergers & acquisitions

When you need to integrate two different cultures and create synergies across the new organisation.

Mission Possible stimulates networking and knowledge sharing


When the organisation needs to do things fundamentally different (e.g due to new technological developments, or changed user behaviors).

Mission Possible strengthens buy-in

Strategy kick offs

When you need to communicate the new strategy and make sure that employees listen and get involved.

Mission Possible is effective internal communication


Get new employees to feel at home faster and learn the basics about your company and values.

Mission Possible is training full of play and learning

Organisational changes

When employees need to navigate a new organisational structure, roles, and responsibilities.

Mission Possible facilitates alignment

What people say about Mission Possible

Oh my god, that was brilliant, that game Mission Possible! Extremely impressing […]. Fun, challenging, creative, and well structured. Damn, it was good.

I loved the Mission Possible Game.
It was fun, engaging and I learned a lot about the organisation and my colleagues.

Very good game, please consider to re-use it for onboarding new employees, for building relations and knowledge about [the company].

The game content

The missions vary in form and content to create the most optimal game experience. The content evolves around four main themes:

  • The meeting purpose – eg. the new strategy, the merger, or the current transformation project.
  • The profession shared by the participants, eg. IT or marketing or microbiology or pedagogic…
  • The company – insights into the overall company in general and its customers/users.
  • Teambuilding – assignments that are fun and allows the participants to get to know each other better.

You decide if you want more or less of anything. We design the missions and advise on how to best achieve your meeting goals and the optimal participant experience. 

How the game works

Each group has a personal link to a webpage where missions are released every 8 minutes.
Based on our collaborative software, all team members can interact with the group website and submit results.

Therefore, some team members may complete one mission while others begin another. And they can jump back and forth between the released missions. Some missions, of course, require EVERYONE to join. So the groups need to think strategically along the way and organise their efforts to maximise their winning chances.

Mission Possible can stand alone or
be used in a larger communication effort


2 hours

Mission Possible be used as a single teambuilding event.

Or for onboarding, where we develop a tailormade game that can be used repeatedly, e.g every month when introducing new employees to the company.

As part of a larger meeting

3 hours

Host an online meeting with an important message and let Mission Possible support the key messaging. For example:

  • Plenary presentation
  • Mission Possible
  • Award ceremony with references to the main message

The award ceremony is held as a follow-up the following day – or week. This provides an excellent opportunity to extend the experience and repeat key messages in new ways.

As part of
a longer program

3-4 days

If you are hosting an online employee festival week or a larger communication effort, then use Mission Possible as a participatory and engaging element. For example:

  • Day 1: Plenary presentations and Mission Possible “teaser”
  • Day 2: Plenary presentations and parallel sessions
  • Day 3: Mission Possible game
  • Day 4: Plenary presentations and award ceremony.

Are you hosting a physical meeting? Try our product Fairground!

If you are keen on Mission Possible but plan to invite participants to a venue for a meeting, you should consider Plus Agency's product, Fairground. It is developed to focus on involving all participants and encourage sharing of knowledge. Would you like it to have a competitive element as well? We can make that happen too.

In Fairground participants are divided into small groups, moving around to a series of stations and solving different tasks. Each group has full autonomy and no timing restraints, but typically, groups spend between 10 and 20 minutes at each station.

The activities encourage participants to enter into professional dialogue and share knowledge, and just as Mission Possible, the focus is on play and learning.

We have developed a platform to track the participant's journey through the many stations, ensuring that they move on to new stations with a format and an objective different from the one, they just left.

500 participants will require approximately 90 stations with a variety of activities (some are the same!), so everybody is kept busy and have something new and exciting as their next task.

Plus Agency won the award for the Best Participant Engagement for this case at the leading meeting industry event in Denmark.

Would you also like more engaging internal communcation?

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