How can we help you?

We are a consultancy firm, an event agency and a tech start up – all at once! But everything we do evolves around the same focal point: Learning at meetings and conferences.

We advise on how to put together the very best conference program – and we are also happy to bring all the good ideas to life, and do all the work from A-Z.

We have a number of products with a strong track record – they are proven formats that have been a great success with other customers. Get inspired by the examples below.

If you are not exactly sure what you need – but you just know, that something has to be done to those fruitless meetings – contact us and we will help you find a solution that matches your resources, time horizon, competencies and budget.

Mission Possible

Online game with tailormade content

Small groups compete against each other to solve missions that deal with your meeting purpose. 100% online.


Participatory conferences to the max!

Participants visit a number of booths that stimulate professional knowledge sharing and learning. Our IT platform keeps track of who goes where.

Program workshop

Kick-off the planning of your next meeting

We inspire and facilitate the program development of your next conference in a workshop with your planning team.

Immersive learning

A surround experience prompting reflection

We absolutely love designing learning experiences that involve all five senses and ignites personal reflection.


Collaboration boards for online meetings

Stickity boards involves everyone while staying focused – and reaching a clear result in a limited amount of time.

The fish pond

Gamified internal communication

Get your message across during lunch: Employees catch fish in the canteen and solve small tasks evolving around your key message – and compete for prizes.

5 stop

Learning by doing

Suitable for 100-300 participants : Everyone visits 5 different stops that involve them in a tactile learning experience.

A great hook

No more boring conference openings

A great hook pats the participants on the back – and gives them a little slap in the face to catch their attention!

Practical execution

Let us handle the logistics and AV

Leave all the boring stuff to us: We will ensure that the entire production runs smoothly.

Looking for new participatory ideas for your next meeting or conference?

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