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We are a consultancy firm, an event agency and a tech start up – all at once! But everything we do evolves around the same focal point: Meetings and conferences.


Mission Possible

Online game with tailormade content

Small groups compete against each other to solve missions that deal with your meeting purpose. 100% online. 100% online.



Collaboration boards for online meetings

Stickity boards involves everyone while keeping the meeting focus – and reach a clear result in a limited amount of time. 


Program workshop

Kick-off the planning of your next meeting

We inspire and facilitate the program development of your next conference in a workshop with your planning team.



Participatory conferences to the max!

Participants visit a number of booths that stimulate professional knowledge sharing and learning. Our IT platform keeps track of who goes where. 

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5 stops

Learning by doing

Suitable for 100-300 participants : Everyone visits 5 different stops that involve them in a tactile learning experience.


The fish pond

Gamified internal communication

Get your message across during lunch: Employees catch fish in the canteen and solve small tasks evolving around your key message – and compete for prizes.


Practical execution

Let us handle the logistics and AV

Leave all the boring stuff to us: We will ensure that the entire production runs smoothly.


Immersive learning

A surround experience prompting reflection

We absolutely love designing learning experiences that involve all five senses and ignites personal reflection.

A great hook

A great hook

No more boring conference openings

A great hook pats the participants on the back – and gives them a little slap in the face to catch their attention!

Would you like to host a participatory meeting? Let us inspire you!

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