Ignite knowledge sharing and learning in a professional amusement park.

An algorithm keeps track of who goes where

Fairground is like a professional playground, full of different activities and assignments that are tailor-made to support your meeting purpose.

The format encourages knowledge sharing and learning – and has dashes of gamification. Together, we define the learning goals of your Fairground and then we design a number of activities for each learning goal that are full of play and learning.

Participants are divided into small groups that move around the different activities. Our IT system tracks and decides the journey of the groups, and the algorithm ensures that all groups experience variation both in terms of format and content.

There are no timing restraints: When a group decides they have finished an activity, they promptly move on to the next, decided by the IT system. Typically, groups spend between 10 and 20 minutes on each activity.

Tailormade activities

500 participants require approximately 90 stations, so everybody is kept busy and has something new and exciting as their next task.

In ​reality, we develop appr. 25 different activities, that are then multiplied to cover all 90 stations.

We collaborate on developing the activities – we combine your professional expertise with our ability to translate industry knowledge into engaging and meaningful activities.

PLUS Agency received the Danish Meeting Planners Association's Oscar for the Fairground concept -
see the case here.

And see another case using the Fairground format

Would you also like meaningful participant involvement at your next conference?

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