Mission Possible

A collaborative online game for the entire organization.
Mission Possible is brilliant for kick-offs, staff days and professional conferences alike.

30 -3.000 participants

Fully scalable concept for up to 10,000 participants.

Each group is between 4-7 participants.

The game lasts 1,5 – 2 hours. This can be supplemented with a teaser mission some days before and an award ceremony a couple of days later

Customized content

The content of the missions is tailored to support your meeting goals.

For example, a strategy kick off, a specific theme (like cultural differences), new products or just in general about your organization, industry or profession.

100% online

Each group has a personal link to a webpage where missions are released, and team results are submitted.

All missions are designed for a 100% online environment.

Meeting platform of your choice

The groups collaborate to solve the missions in online breakout rooms.

These can be hosted through your usual video meeting platform (like MS Teams, Zoom or Webex) or we can supply the video meeting platform.

Play and learning

The tempo is fastpaced and there is lots of variation between the mission types:

Everything from logical thinking, creative problem solving and escape room-like puzzles, to factual knowledge and professional assessments.

True collaboration

The variation between missions, both in content and format, entices everyone to contribute in different ways.

All types of competencies and know how are needed to win!

A physical meeting with high engagement? Try our product Fairground!

If you are keen on Mission Possible but plan to invite participants to a venue for a meeting, you should consider Plus Agency's product, Fairground. It is developed to focus on involving all participants and encourage sharing of knowledge. Would you like it to have a competitive element as well? We can make that happen too.

In Fairground participants are divided into small groups, moving around to a series of stations and solving different tasks. Each group has full autonomy and no timing restraints: When you have finished a task at one station, you promptly move on to the next. Typically, groups spend between 10 and 20 minutes at each station.

The activities encourage participants to enter into professional dialogue and share knowledge, and just as Mission Possible, the focus is on play and learning. We have developed a platform to track the participant's journey through the many stations, ensuring that they move on to new stations with a format and an objective different from the one, they just left. 500 participants will require approximately 90 stations with a variety of activities (some are the same!), so everybody is kept busy and have something new and exciting as their next task. Plus Agency received the Danish Meeting Planners Association's Oscar for this concept - see the case here.

Are you looking for participatory internal communication? Let us inspire you!

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