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An online game that boosts engagement and knowledge sharing

Ensures that your key messages are understood
30-30,0000 participants in smaller groups
Play and learning

Why choose Mission Possible?

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    Change is tough!

    Online meetings have long since become part of the flexibility of modern businesses. But how is it going with the management’s desire to anchor the strategies and goals when the employees work more and more remotely?

    Up engagement with a vitamin shot.

    Mission Impossible is a simple and motivating online game. The participants are divided into small groups and compete against each other to solve a series of missions.

    Mission Possible boosts everything - even your profits.

    Mission Possible can be adapted to most organizations and can be played by anywhere from 30 to 3,000 people. The method ensures that the energy and large resources you invest in communication have an impact and change the behavior in the organization.

    Mission Possible at a glance




    Divided into
    smaller groups online


    12 missions
    Customized to your purpose




    Award ceremony


    Bettina Seidelin Houmøller

    Head of IT Communication CoE, Ørsted

    PLUS Agency were brilliant at understanding our new strategy and turning it into a truly business relevant and engaging game.

    IT employee


    Oh my god, it was brilliant, that game Mission Possible! Extremely impressing. Fun, challenging, creative, and well structured. Damn, it was good.

    When to use Mission Possible

    Strategy kick offs

    When it is important that everyone listens and understands.

    Mergers & acquisitions

    When you need to create synergies across the new organisation.


    When the organisation needs to change the way things are done.


    When new employees need to be integrated good and fast.


    When employees need to navigate new organisational structures.

    Employee engagement

    When you want to strengthen employees’ sense of belonging and team spirit.

    Planning a physical meeting?
    Try our product Fairground!

    If you are excited about Mission Possible but planning a physical meeting, consider our participatory format called Fairground. Participants move around to a series of stations and solve different tasks. The format encourages knowledge sharing and learning – and has dashes of gamification.

    Are you looking for ways to push your internal communication into a more participatory direction?

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