Congress for 1,000 participants

Congress for the United Federation of Danish Workers (3F):
How to recruit new members and understand the trade union of the future

Humour and sense of urgency

Denmark’s largest trade union (3F) invited 1,000 union representatives to a congress in order to create enthusiasm and energy among those whose job it is to deliver on the promises of 3F’s ambitious plan.

A video of a ‘couple’s therapy’ session set the tone where an experienced elected representative of 3F enters into a duel of words with a young colleague who neither is nor wants to be a member of 3F.

Within minutes, it becomes clear to everyone in the congress hall what the barriers are to persuading non-members to join the ranks of 3F members.

Ideas to implement when going back to the workplace

Lots of inspiration and tools on how the participants could embark on recruiting members was provided by 85 presenters in the knowledge bazaar.

This lively format, where everyone votes with their feet as they seek out the topics that interest them, provided active knowledge sharing, which was the aim of the congress.

Humour can spark action. Want to know how?

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