A participatory conference for 2500 participants​

Local Government Denmark (KL) and The Danish Association of Local Government Employees Organisations (Forhandlingsfællesskabet):
Conference for 2500 employees from the Danish municipalities

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Focus on professional competency

PLUS Agency planned and organized everything from A-Z for the Personnel Policy Event 2012 that welcomed 2,500 municipal managers and employees to a day full of academic content and good laughs.

The day’s programme featured 46 different sessions that explored every nook and cranny of the staff policy agenda and the many changes happening in the municipalities.

Personnel policy with a practial angle

The lazaretto provided an opportunity for discussion with consultants from Denmark’s top consultancy firms, and participants could pick out knowledge from 55 different projects at the knowledge bazaar.

PLUS Agency produced a video that opened the conference. It highlighted the two different views that employers and employees have about working for the municipality.

Serious fun: Daily dilemmas

On the big stage, participants were treated to a panel hosted by TV and radio personality, Mads Steffensen who was joined by Michael Ziegler (Local Government Denmark), Dennis Kristensen (FOA) and journalist Karen Thisted.

The panel put a number of workplace dilemmas to the test and discussed what you should do, e.g. when a colleague takes frequent cigarette breaks or won’t get off Facebook.

Comedy group, Krysters Kartel gave a charming introduction to exercise in the workplace, and journalist and MC for the day Jens Gaardbo was in charge of bringing all these elements together.

We are experts in planning active conferences with many participants!

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