A sales conference - for salespeople

Summit for 50 American retailers meeting up in Phoenix, Arizona:
A combination of deep product knowledge and sales training

A mix of talks, knowledge sharing and roleplaying

Amoena is a German company with the US as their largest market. They sell specialized bras and lingerie for women who underwent mastectomy procedures..

The idea was to hold a summit for 50 leading retailers from across the USA where they could learn about the latest techniques in breast cancer surgery, treatments and product options.

The days were a mix of inspirational talks by surgeons, nurses and users of Amoena products – including a role-play training for building relations with nurses and loads of knowledge sharing between the participants.

A good laugh creates energy and cohesion

The summit ended with a quiz. During the conference, we collected fun facts, experiences and comments and turned them into quiz questions in Kahoot.

This way, the quiz summed up everything; the learning points and the most memorable moments. And the two fast-paced days ended on a high note.

The art of planning EVERYTHING online

When planning an important conference, we usually meet with our clients in person, particularly at the beginning of the planning phase, when the final programme structure is determined. It usually takes a lot of back and forth discussions which are way harder to do online.

But then Amoena asked us to assist in planning this entire conference, using only telephone and video meetings, as the planning team was based in the US.

The first time we met our client face to face was in Phoenix, Arizona – only one day before the conference attendees walked in. And it worked like a charm!

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