A full-powered leadership conference

Conference for DONG Energy (now known as Ørsted A/S): Future strategy and knowledge sharing between decision-makers

What will the energy sector of the future look like?

One hundred and fifty executives from one of DONG Energy’s divisions gathered to talk about the future of the energy sector and the division’s strategy for the next few years.

Before the conference, all managers had submitted trends they believed to be important in the future. Selected trends were gathered in an app, and on the bus to the conference, everyone was asked to evaluate the various trends: are these something we should be at the forefront of or are they not relevant to us?

At the conference, futurist Anne Skare carefully considered all the trends and discussed them with the leaders.

Playfull learning labs

The leaders also had the opportunity to gain insight into the many green and innovative projects that DONG Energy has launched. Here, PLUS Agency designed various laboratories where participants learned more about the projects through playful processes – spiced up with simple props and scenographic elements.

The labs included a “hacked” electronic picture game, a competition for the best wind trader – and a maze with a startling wind machine.

It also included a pretty difficult little electrician task, where participants had to provide electricity for the entire Nordhavn while fuses were blowing all over the place

Tailormade activities - just for you! Want to hear more?

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