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PLUS Agency provides everything from A-Z in connection with planning and holding large meetings.

Programme design

  • We draw up an overall concept that captures the main purpose of the meeting and ensures that a red thread runs through the many parts of the meeting.

  • We develop a programme with an optimal rhythm that brings all the programme elements together in varied and attention-grabbing way.

  • We design the individual programme elements down to the last minute, where we focus on ensuring that the content is integrated with new and exciting participatory formats – without losing sight of the substance.

Scenography and communication

  • We create scenography so that the spatial and visual elements support the content side, and that the venue is designed and utilized in the best possible way.

  • We produce content for all types of communication, e.g. web, invitations, publications and other conference material.

Coordination with subcontractors

  • We hire subcontractors and coordinate with them along the way, covering everything from technology and catering to content contributors.

  • We source and brief the right speakers, facilitators, MCs and other conference collaborators.

  • We have a network of top professionals who offer different talents, such as photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, actors, artists and musicians.

Logistics and evaluation

  • We plan the logistics down to the tiniest detail to ensure that everyone – also when there are several thousands participants – have a great experience from arrival to departure.

  • We prepare a detailed script of the entire programme and when the big day arrives we project manage during the meeting from start to finish so that everything goes smoothly.

  • We evaluate the participants’ experience so that you become aware of the value that the conference created for your target audience – and for you.

There are several approaches

We talk – and you do the work

We achieve really good results using the following model: We have 4-5 meetings, which take a few hours. PLUS Agency presents ideas and advice on how you can achieve your goal.

After an introductory meeting, PLUS Agency prepares a programme workshop for the entire planning team, where we develop a programme together. After the meeting, it’s up to you to implement what was decided.

We meet another 2-3 times where you get feedback on the programme and all the help and guidance you need.

We do something – and you do something

In this model, we have an initial dialogue about the conference’s purpose and content, and then we generate ideas together. This time, PLUS Agency takes on some of the work.

Our tasks typically revolve around the overall programme design, process design of the participatory programme elements, and the preparation of the manuscript.

We do (almost) everything

We plan everything from A-Z. You follow the development and make important decisions at regular meetings, but there’s no doubt who’ll do all the heavy work – we will!

We’re good at familiarising ourselves with new subject areas and complex contexts, but we’ll need you to bring the in-depth knowledge into play so that content-wise the meeting is firmly anchored.

We’ll also need you to create co-ownership internally to ensure there’s a strategic connection to the rest of the organisation.

Help with the planning? Or responsible for the full conference?

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