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We increase the impact of meetings

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We are experts in immersive learning

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We design processes that create new knowledge and relationships

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We get minds, hearts and feet moving

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Online game for kick-offs: Mission Possible

Communicate your key messages in a game that engages your employees and truly makes them listen and learn. 100% online so everyone can participate, no matter where they are based.


Try a professional amusement park!

In our participatory concept Fairground, the participants visit a number of professional attractions that stimulate professional knowledge sharing and learning. The content is tailored to your key messages and learning goals – and our IT-platform keeps track of who goes where.

What customers say about us

Dream of more participatory meetings and conferences ? Let us help you!

Hundreds of participants or a small meeting? Digital or physical meeting? The design principles for an impactful meeting are always the same.

It’s about creating variation in the meeting format. And it is about involving attendees in different ways. This increases the participant outcome and the meeting impact significantly. Of course, the participatory activities have to be perceived as highly relevant and meaningful throughout – and then add a splash of playfulness and gamification. A good laugh and generally good spirit can move mountains.

Do you want to see the end of long keynote speeches, and say hello to more engaging dialogue at your next meeting? Check out what we can do for you!

Plus Agency creates meetings and conferences with towering impact

We are specialists in making your conference or large meeting stand out and create real impact. We create learning experiences that involve the participants in meaningful ways – guaranteed to be remembered.

Our approach is based on theories of adult learning and dramaturgy (in short, how to keep people’s attention).

How do you make your participants feel like world champions?

Self-efficacy is the perception of one’s own ability to master a task and achieve a goal. It is that exuberant feeling knowing that you have the skills and resources available to do a good job.

When you succeed in creating this feeling in your conference participants they are more likely to remember and use the meeting experience – and create impact.