New online game for conferences: Mission Possible

Welcome to Mission Possible. Groups of participants battle each other to solve a series of missions in a timeframe – typically 2 hours.​

The content of the missions is tailor-made for you, focusing on the topic for your conference: Launching a new strategy, a specific theme, or perhaps your organisation or industry.

New missions are published on a web page every 10 minutes. So get on your toes, throw yourself into the game, and enjoy a series of challenges – ranging from logical thinking, creative problem solving, escape room challenges, general knowledge and specialist knowledge It is a chance to shine for every member of the group – and for showing that you are a great team.

A tailor-made online collaboration board for your next meeting

A tailor-made online collaboration board for your next meeting

Stickity a series of different collaboration boards making your meetings focused and engaging, for all attendees.

The participants work together on a specific and meaning full assignment, tickling their brain and and nudging them to be specific. Our collaboration boards are tactile– using audio, images and text, inviting everyone to write, move, point and take an active part in the session

This is what our clients say about us

Dream of quality participatory involvement at your meetings and conferences? Let us help you!

Hundreds of participants, or a small meeting? Digital or physical meeting? The principles for having an excellent meeting with great results are always the same.​

It about creating variation in the meeting format. And it is about involving attendees in many ways. This will increase the value for the participants, and the effect of the meeting. It has to be in a way that is highly relevant and meaningful throughout – and it involves a bit of playfulness as well. A good laugh and generally good spirit can move mountains.​

Do you want to see the end of long keynote speaks, and say hello to more professional dialogue at your next meeting?

Contact us and tell us about the challenges you are facing in planning your next meeting. We can help you.

Plus Agency creates meetings with sky high value

We are specialists in lifting conferences and large meetings way over the grey average. We do it based on extensive knowledge about adult learning and dramaturgy.

This means that we develop programs and formats that have lots of variety and rhythm. Det stimulerer nemlig deltagernes opmærksomhed og engagement.

Og så er vi eksperter i at give deltagerne lyst til at deltage i mødet på aktive måder, uden at de tænker: “Åh nej, hvad skal vi nu…”

The right dose of participant involvement is the key to creating reflection, synergy, learning, and aha-experiences!

How will you make your participants feel like champions?

Self-efficacy is the perception of one’s own ability to reach a goal. That exuberating feeling that you have the skills and possibilities to solve the tasks you see in front of you now and in the future.In other words: The professional gut feeling is good.

If your participants has that feeling of self-efficacy at the end of the day It will be highly reflected in their evaluations of the day. And even more important: They will remember this day for the exciting content and strong results.

PLUS Agency har en solid række velafprøvede aktiviteter og metoder, der bl.a. fremmer self-efficacy.

Contact us – we would be happy to tell you more.

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