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We increase the value of meetings

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We are experts in participant involvement

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We design processes that create new knowledge and relationships

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We get minds, hearts and feet moving

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Great online game for kick offs: Mission Possible

In Mission Possible, groups of employees are battling to solve a series of missions that helps them understand your key messages and share knowledge across the organisation.


Try a digital "collaboration board" for your next online meeting

We have developed a product for those online meetings that need an extra dash of participatory action: Stickity.

What customers say about us

Do you want to upgrade your participatory events? Let us help you!

Do you want to see the end of long keynote speaks, and say hello to more dialogue at your next meeting?

Are you hosting a conference for hundreds of participants – or a small meeting for just 5? 

No matter if it’s big or small, online or physical, the principles for having an excellent meeting with great results are still the same: It’s about creating variation in the meeting format. And it is about involving the participants in different ways. 

The best participatory processes are highly relevant and meaningful – and they involve a bit of professional playfulness as well. A good laugh and generally good spirit can move mountains! This all together increases the participant outcome, and the ultimate meeting impact. 

Contact us and tell us about your meeting challenges, and let us show you how we can make your next important meeting a whole new experience.

Plus Agency creates meetings and conferences with towering impact

We are specialists in making conferences and large meetings participatory – and in a way, that where people actually LIKE to participate because it is meaningful and exciting, as opposed to silly and waste of time. 

Our approach is based on theories of adult learning and dramaturgy. The right dose of participation is the key to creating reflection, synergy, learning and aha experiences. See examples of how we do this.

How do you make your participants feel like world champions?

Self-efficacy is the perception of one’s own ability to achieve a goal. That exuberant feeling that you have the skills and opportunities to solve the tasks you see in front of you now and in the future.  

Conferences and large meetings are a great place to induce that sense of self-efficacy! Let us tell you how….