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Global educational conference for health care professionals

Coloplast Continence Days:
700 doctors and nurses from over 20 countries

Highly diverse target group

For more than 60 years, Coloplast has worked closely with healthcare professionals around the globe, both in developing new products and by offering further education.

For the very first time, Coloplast decided to bring together over 700 doctors and nurses from over 20 countries for a major conference focused on continence.

The ambition was high: the conference had to be at a high scientific level, relevant to both doctors and nurses coming from many different countries with various healthcare systems.

And offer relevant content on both urinary and stool issues. The evaluation showed that the conference fully met its ambitions: participants rated it 9,6 out of 10

Programme diversity

The programme diversity was a key component for the conference success. There was plenty of opportunity for sharing many kinds of knowledge: both in-depth and highly specialized knowledge, general and inspiring insights from other fields, peer knowledge and reflective knowledge.

It was all spiced up with brilliant presentations from speakers, sensory experiences, humour – and lots of participant engagement, ensuring that various learning styles were being incorporated throughout the entire programme.

Among other things, the conference featured our ever-popular Knowledge Bazaar – find out more about it here.

Audiowalk designed for reflection

As part of the conference, all participants were sent on an audio-walk where they were asked about different aspects of their daily dialogue with patients.

The focus was on how to help patients maintain motivation when being in a lifelong treatment. Listening to a podcast – produced in five different languages – the participants walked through different settings, where they met patients, read facts from different studies on patient behaviour and preferences. The storyline provided an insight into how different patients reactions and needs are. What is important in the life of one person, is not important for another.

This is why all patient care must be adapted to each patients concept of a good life. PLUS Agency developed and produced the audiowalk

A crystal-clear purpose

PLUS Agency also contributed to the general programme planning, including the program’s structure and the design of the opening and closing plenary sessions. nce The conference kick-started with an infographic that answered the following questions in a nutshell: Why are we here today? What can we do better together? What do we need to learn together? The conference’s purpose was thereby clear. The rest of the programme was designed to contribute perspectives, thoughts and experiences on this particular challenge.

Finally, PLUS Agency was responsible for the logistics and organisation of the entire confere

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