Program workshop

Kick off the planning of your next conference with our professional expertise

Briefing meeting

  • You tell us about the purpose of your conference, what you dream about, what resources you have available, what the budget looks like and who is on the planning team.

  • We would also like to hear about everything you know about the target group, and your previous conference experiences and what the evaluations have shown.

  • If there are many stakeholders involved, it may be an idea to send out a short questionnaire or ask people to share their expectations and ideas for the upcoming conference.

  • After the meeting we go home and prepare the program workshop.

Program workshop

  • The workshop lasts three hours and is for everyone in the planning team (typically 3-5 people). If there are important stakeholders that need to be included, we also have experience with facilitating program workshops for up to 30 participants.
  • To bring everyone on the same path, we start the workshop by looking at the basic principles of a great meeting and a few inspiring examples – this is guaranteed to get the innovative juices flowing.
  • According to your needs, we will (re)visit the purpose of the conference, who the target group is, and what the central message is. And then we develop the program in a joint effort.
  • Plus Agency will of course bring ideas to the table and advice on how you can achieve your conference goals.
  • When the workshop is over, you have a concrete program draft and an overview of what you need to address further.

Three follow-up meetings

  • We will meet three times more during the planning process, where we follow up on the current status.


  • You will receive feedback on the development of the program and all the questions you need help and guidance with. It can be anything from process designs of workshops, production advice, quality assurance of the playbook or something fourth.
  • Each follow-up meeting lasts approx. 2 hours.


  • Summing up: In this collaboration model it is up to you to turn the ideas into concrete actions. That said, we are of course happy to provide additional quotes on selected assignments should you need further assistance.

Would you also like a conference expert to be involved in your planning meetings?

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